Stereotype Assignment


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#1: Stay At Home Dad

I thought this advertisement was a great example of countering a gender stereotype. I choose this advertisement because I think there is a huge gender stereotype for men that they can not be the stay at home parent. Although this seems to be becoming even more acceptable in our society today. I love this advertisement because it seems to proudly represent the acceptance of stay at home dads. This advertisement probably gets made fun of by some men. Although it is more likely that it would of got made fun of more in the past then it would today.

The idea of men not being able to be stay at home dads has always been interesting to me. As someone who grown up with a single father parent, I feel that men are just as capable to be that role. Maybe this stereotype is due to the stereotype that men are the breadwinners and women stay at home. However, I feel that more and more both of these stereotypes are being broken. Today more and more women are being the breadwinner and men are staying home.


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#2: Female weight lifters

This is another advertisement I really like because it counters a gender stereotype I think is common for women. The stereotype I feel this image counters is the stereotype that men should only lift weights. I think for a long time it was a really common myth that women believed that if they were to do heavy weight lifting that they would end up looking like a man. However I think with the rise in obesity there has been a rise for the obsession with fitness. Along with this obsession I feel more and more women have discovered that this stereotype is not true and have took to weight training.

I’m glad to see how common female weight training is today. Through research I have found that weight training is an important element to weight loss and any fitness program. I think that women are seeing more and more how they can achieve the results they want to see with weights. The model in the advertisement, Jamie Eason, is a big testimony of that. I think this advertisement is great for that reason. As a women I don’t know who wouldn’t want a body like Jamie Eason’s and it’s exciting to see that stereotype being broken.


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#3: Cleaning is only for the women

This is the one stereotype that absolutely drives me nuts. This advertisement depicts the stereotype that women are the ones to take care of the home. I think this stereotype has been around for a very long time. I know that in the past this was the only thing women did, however I feel nowadays that it’s not the case. I think men often use this stereotype as an excuse as well, to not do their share.

Thankfully it is becoming more and more acceptable for men to actually help around the house. I think this goes along with the acceptability of stay at home dads. Men are realized that they have a role to pitch in too. As well as it makes their wife’s really happy when they do too! This stereotype is becoming not as common and we are seeing more men doing the cleaning and cooking so that is a nice change!


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#4: Men don’t have emotions/don’t listen

I think there is a huge stereotype with men that they can’t be emotional or listen well. This stereotype really bugs me because I think it drives a lot of the behaviors of men. I think because men know this is their stereotype they try to live up to it. It is really sad to me because for one it’s not a true representation of them. It’s almost like men just stuff their emotions because of this.

I think it’s pretty cool that I have a lot of guy friends that disprove this stereotype. Being a part of a christian community that values guys being open about their emotions and listening well is awesome! However a lot of friends have been open to me about how hard it is to push past this stereotype. For a lot of my guy friends they have explained how much you are looked down upon if you don’t fit this mold. I hope someday guys will learn to redefine who they are and break free from this cultures stereotype of not listening or expressing their emotions.



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#5: Beauty equals looking like Victoria Secret Model

This advertisement reflects the one stereotype that has a huge effect on me as a woman. I think this culture and the media has played a huge role in creating this stereotype. The stereotype that you aren’t beautiful unless you look like a Victoria Secret model has wrecked this culture. Sadly most people believe and stick to this stereotype as well. I think this stereotype has had a huge impact on women and young girls alike.

The effects this stereotype has on girls ranges from eating disorders, all the way to not getting certain promotions or jobs. I believe because this is a stereotype on woman, most men believe this as well. It is sad to see how critical men can be to women who do not fit this mold. Most can be pretty harsh about it. The harshest part about this stereotype though is how harsh us woman are on ourselves. I have heard many people say that they know a young girl around the 5-10 range already hating their appearance. I believe in our culture this is one of the most messed up stereotypes there are.


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